PA 05– Energy Efficiency

Programme: Energy Efficiency

Financing: European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 (EEAFM)

Program Operator: Ministry of Economy, Industrial Policy Directorate

General Outcome: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants

Specific Outcome: Improving energy efficiency in industry, especially in industries with high energy consumption and pollution

Expected results: Upgrading installations and equipments for an estimated 20 SMEs in the industry sector, to reduce energy consumption

Call for proposals: individual proposals and bilateral fund, one call for proposals

Grant EEAFM:  € 8,000,000 

Program Co-financing:  € 1,411,765

Total programme:  € 9,411,765 €

Submission period: 2014 – Programme Implementation: 2013-2017

Website: section dedicated to EEA Grants on the website