7.8 million euro - Increasing Roma inclusion and empowerment (round 2)

Published: Friday, 8 Jan 2021

Eligible applicants are non-governmental organizations, public entities and associations of local authorities.

Future projects will follow:
- providing integrated services (obtaining identity documents, educational services, employment services, health services, improving living conditions);
- providing information to Roma people, especially Roma women and young people, on ways to assert their rights and access public services;
- developing the individual capacities of Roma people;
- training of staff and volunteers working with Roma people; awareness-raising campaignes on empowerment issues addressed to Roma people, especially Roma women and young Roma, etc.
Submission deadline: April 15, 2021.
The documentation related to the call can be accessed at the following link, and any requests for clarification can be sent by those intereted directly to the e-mail address info@frds.ro.