Development of poor communities through SGM "Access to Funding"

Published: Wednesday, 24 Feb 2021

The implementation of the 8 selected and financed projects  was completed (total value: 170,575 euro) within the SGM "Access to financing" (programme Local development, OP - FRDS) - round 1, projects through which the elaboration of technical documentation of SF/DALI type including specific studies for the development of poor communities.Within the 8 projects, aspects related to: 

  • 3 road infrastructure projects: Moldova Noua (CS), Boldesti Scaieni (PH), Ogra (MS);
  • 3 projects for multifunctional centers: Ciortesti (IS), Arbud (SM), Maltezi (IL);
  • 2 projects for high school building rehabilitation and kindergarden construction: Balcesti (VL), Putineiu (TR).

Currently, the Programme Operator is in the process of signing another 9 projects selected (€ 235.000)as a result of the SGM in 2020 - round 2, projects targeting road infrastructure (5), educational infrastructure (3) and health infrastructure (1).

At the same time, FRDS is considering relaunching the call related to SGM "Access to Financing" - round 3 in 2021, taking into account the amount remaining uncontracted and the savings recorded in the completed projects.