Public consultation - Call for Development of mitigation and adaptation plans in municipalities to climate change

Published: Friday, 11 Sep 2020

Within this call, amountimg to 1 million euros, a maximum of 8 projects will be financed, which will aim at elaborating the plans of mitigation and adaptation measures to climate change.

The beneficiaries can be public institutions whose attributions include, among others, environmental protection and/or nature protection (County Councils, Local Councils/municipalities).They can apply in partnership with NGOs/SMes.research institutions/ educational institutions from Romania and/or Donor States - Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway.

Among the most important eligible activities:

- Develop strategies and plans for climate change mitigation and adaptation;

- Conducting workshops in order to consult decision makers; 

- Development of urban planning measures - eg: green roofs, green facades, green corridors, planting trees in parking lots and along roads, urban gardens or institutional gardens that serve mainly educational, therapeutic or social purposes in hospitals and schools, etc;

- Carrying out fesability studies regarding the underground placemen of electrical and/or telecommunication cables;

- Analysis and/or development of the inter-institutional mechanism necessary to ensure the efficient maintenance of the stormwater drainage infrastructure.

The call is placed in public consultation on the website of the programme Operator - Minsitry of environment 

Interested parties can send comments until 09.10.2020 to the email address: