Round 3 - Access to 2021 funding for local authorities is open until 17 June 2021 - 100% Grant

Published: Friday, 9 Apr 2021

Municipalities, cities/municipalities or counties are supported by the financing of the elaboration of technical documentation necessary in order to make community investments consisting in the construction/extension/rehabilitation/modernizing:

- social infrastructure (projects aimed at infrastructure for social services, education, health, employment);
- infrastructure for water supply (projects aimed at ensuring the water supply of units that provide social services);
- sewerage infrastructure (projects aimed at wastewater disposal for units providing social services);
- roads, bridges and footbridges (projects targeting roads of county interest, roads of local interest, bridges and footbridges that facilitate the access of disadvantaged groups to social services);
- housing (social housing projects).
The text of this call, which has a budget of 595,705 euro, can be consulted here.