Contracts signed by Innovation Norway within the first call “Business development, innovation and SMEs”

Published: Thursday, 9 Apr 2020

Innovation Norway signed the contracts for the projects of the first call “Business development, innovation and SMEs”. The call was dedicated to private companies, as well as to NGOs with economic activity, for the development of projects in the priority sectors green innovation in industry, information and communication technology. (ICT) and the sustainable development of the marine and maritime sector (Blue Growth).

The list of the 14 contracts worth 8,299,300 Euro can be consulted as follows:

The programme continues to fund initiatives to increase the competitiveness and profitability of Romanian businesses, with an emphasis on innovation in the field of services and technological processes, through the second call launched in 2020 (18,4 meuro) with a deadline of 28.05.2020. 

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