10 million euro for strengthening TB control in Romania

Published: Thursday, 30 Apr 2020

29.04.2020 is the date on which the implementation of project no.2 which continues the actions of prevention and control of tuberculosis in Romania through the RO Health Program 2014-2021.

Through the previous project 2009-2014, whose budget amount was 10.7 meuro, 10 laboratories for the rapid detection of tuberculosis were set up, where more than 62,000 people were tested by rapid methods.Of these, 1002 received treatment for multi-drug resistant TB and another 1148 received TB treatment support services.Also, 2128 patients received incentives to maintain treatment adherence.More than 15,000 people, including 8,500 Roma, were informed and received services to reduce the harmful effects of drugs.

Project no.2 will be implemented in the next 36 months and continues the Romanian-Norwegian partnership between the Marius Nasta Institute of Pneumoftiziology and LHL Tuberculosis Stopp tuberkulosen Foundation - LHL Internasjonal.