EEA & Norway grants for the humanitarian refugee crisis in Ukraine - update 24.08.2022

Published: Wednesday, 13 Apr 2022

Together with the donors Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, whom we thank for their openness, we are helping these days in the humanitarian crisis.

The effort of our fellow programme operators - FRDS, FDSC, MAI, UEFISCDI mattered enormously in this process initiated in April this year, so that at 24.08.2022 the entire allocation of 2,930,000 euro is under implementation:

  • 2,000,000 euro for the Active Citizens Fund Programme, managed by the FDSC, to support NGOs directly involved in the refugee crisis - 3 calls are being implemented between 24.08-11.10.2022,
  • 500,000 euro for the purchase of equipment and fuel needed by IGSU.The financing contract was signed by IGSU and MAI on 09.08.2022;
  • 330,000 euro managed by the Romanian Social Development Fund, supports the activity of two NGOs (Philanthropy Federation and ASSOC Association (food, accomodation, counselling, medical services for the refugees)) and interventions to prevent human trafficking in the context of the refugee crisis. The financing contract with the ASSOC Association was signed on 20.05.2022 (160,000 euro) and the one with Philanthropy on 24.08.2022 (170,000 euro), 
  • 100,000 euro managed by the UEFISCDI through the Research Programme, provides humanitarian support for 2 partner universities in the programme (Dunarea de Jos University in Galati and Stefan cel Mare University in Suceava) to cover part of the daily costs of food and accomodation for refugees.The financing contracts with the two universities were signed on 14.04.2022.