Launching of the Call for Bilateral Initiatives "Bilateral Cooperation for the Development of Contemporary Art"

Published: Friday, 17 May 2024

As part of the RO Culture Program, a call for bilateral initiatives was launched: Bilateral cooperation for the development of Contemporary Art, financed whit the support of EEA GRANTS 2014-2021, Fund for Bilateral Relations.

The partnership between a Romanian entity and an entity from the donor states is mandatory.

The cultural activities that will be supported will address the following sectors:

  • literature
  • performing arts (theater, music, dance)
  • visual arts (except the fields: video, film, television and video games).

The total value of the call is 1,500,000 euros. The value of the grant: between 75,000 euros and 125,000 euros.

Eligible applicants and partners: NGOs from Romania/ entities from Donor States.

Submisson of bilateral inititives: May17th - July17th 2024, via e-mail:

The details regarding eligible activities and expenditures, conditions, evaluation and selection criteria and payment you can find here.