SORTILEMN benefited from two grants under the Programme RO17 – “Green Industry Innovation”

The company SORTILEMN is located in the town of Gherla, county of Cluj, having been active in the wood processing and furniture business for over 50 years, and employing more than 1000 people. It benefited from two non-reimbursable grants aiming at integrating state-of-the-art technology in the current production flow, by replacing the old existing equipment with a new one. This leads to the significant improvement of the operational performance of curved board components finishing, i.e. adopting a new technology for varnishing furniture parts.

Significant cost savings resulted from this modernization, due to smaller consumptions of raw materials, energy and lower costs for waste disposal/storage. Water-based varnishes now used in the production process are not pollutant and are easy to handle, ensuring a high level of protection for the workers in using the new equipment, as well as the delivery of a safe and healthy product to the end user (wooden chairs and beds for children).

The two elements of the investments, the green component and the social component, were extremely important. From the point of view of the environment protection, the greenhouse effect is now reduced, through smaller consumption of energy and raw materials, and from the social point of view the quality of work improved, by facilitating the access of women to certain jobs.

The implemented partnerships aimed at transferring knowledge and expertise, as well as at developing new products adapted to other markets and ensuring the access thereto. Over 97% of the SORTILEMN production is exported. The projects are also the subject of an article published on the FO site, available here.