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Alocări programe 2014-2021

 Update Decembrie 2020

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Achiziții efectuate în perioada 2017-2020
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Annex 3 of the Regulations (Update November 2020)

The points (d) and (e) of Article 2.3.2 of Annex 3 - Information and Communication Requirements have been amended to provide Project Promoters with the option of choosing whether to create a webpage or a website for their project, or, alternatively, an active social media profile for the project, where a website does not already exist

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Strategic Report 2014-2021 (2020)
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Strategic Report 2009-2014
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Memorandum 2014-2021 SEE [en] (update 2020)
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Memorandum 2014-2021 Norvegia [en] (update 2020)
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Minutes Annual Meeting for the EEA and Norway Grants 2019 - Oslo
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