Culture (Cultural entrepreneurship, cultural heritage and cultural cooperation)

The objective of the programme is economic and social development strengthened through

  • cultural heritage management enhanced through monuments restored and revitalized
  • innovative cultural exhibitions of restored objects supported
  • Roma cultural heritage revived
  • access to culture increased through cultural entrepreneurship enhanced, larger audience developed and Roma cultural initiatives developed

Total amount of funding available for the programme

29,015,294 EUR (24,663,000 EUR EEA Grants and 4,352,294 EUR contribution of the national budget)

Programme management

The programme is managed by the Ministry of Culture – Project Management Unit (PMU), as Programme Operator, in partnership with the Norwegian Directorate of Culture Heritage and Arts Council Norway

Projects selected under the 7 calls organized by the Programme Operator in 2018-2020 will be funded.

Calls for projects

Historic monuments restored and revitalized (16,000,000 EUR)

Call for projects for the restoration of the historic monuments, i.e. of the objectives classified as historic monuments to be included in the cultural circuit, through revitalization/valorisation of the restored objects, by implementing the historic monument valorisation plan.

Innovative cultural exhibitions of restored objects supported (1,285,000 EUR)

Call for projects related to conserved or restored cultural objects research activities, to their conservation, restoration or protection and valorisation, to the professional training/development of the project team members, through formal and non-formal training, direct observation on site (job shadowing, mentorship, etc.), study visits and organization of base or temporary innovative exhibitions of the conserved/restored objects, including by using new technologies.

Roma cultural heritage revived (900,000 EUR)

Call for projects related to the restoration/revitalization/valorisation of the Roma cultural heritage objectives.

Cultural entrepreneurship enhanced and Larger audience developed (6,500,000 EUR)

3 calls for projects (period 2018-2020) for the enhancement of cultural entrepreneurship, proposing activities targeting contemporary arts initiatives (plastic arts, drama, music, etc.) al local, regional, national or international level, artistic production based on the documentation of the cultural history of social, ethnic and cultural minorities and groups (others than the Roma), innovative approaches of the cultural heritage targeting the development of the audience and the development of new cultural products and services, and their placement in the market.

Roma cultural initiatives supported (2,000,000 EUR)

Call for projects for the valorisation of the Roma culture through activities involving artistic productions based on the documentation of the cultural history of this minority.


The dedicated website of the Programme, managed by the Programme Operator, is