Energy (Renewable energy, Energy Efficiency, Energy Security)

The general objective of the programme is the reduction of carbon emissions generated by electricity production and safety of electricity supply, through investments in:

  • the use of renewable energy sources (RES)
  • increased energy efficiency (EE) in the public and private sector
  • energy research and development
  • improved energy competences in the public and private sector
  • awareness of the RES and EE benefits
  • increased access to electricity for the households that are not connected to the general power grid

Total amount of funding available for the programme

62,826,500 EUR (29,893,000 EUR EEA Grants and 32,933,500 EUR Norwegian Grants)

Programme management

The programme is managed by the Norwegian organization Innovation Norway, as Fund Operator, in partnership with the Ministry of Energy, Ministry of the Environment, National Energy Authority in Iceland and the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate.
The Fund Operator will select projects under calls for projects and small grant schemes to be implemented in 2018-2020.

Calls for projects

Increased capacity to deliver renewable energy –  Hydropower  (7,500,000 EUR) 

  • Projects for the renovation/renewal of existing hydroelectric installation to increase energy generation capacity and production efficiency or to build new small hydroelectric power plants (<10MW);
  • Secondary activities: increased capacity of the reservoirs for production of hydropower and training of staff.

Increased capacity to deliver renewable energy  – geothermal (6,600,000 EUR)

  • Projects for the development/creation of geothermal energy installation supplying energy for  public buildings, office buildings, shopping centres, industrial sites and private buildings/houses as end beneficiaries;
  • Projects aiming at: renewing geothermal energy installations, improvement of the geothermal energy production capacities;
  • Secondary activity: training of the relevant staff.

Increased capacity to deliver renewable energy – other sources (6,600,000 EUR)

  • Projects for the production of electricity or thermal energy from biomass resources (manure, food wastes, sludge, cutting wastes, energy crops, wood wastes, etc.);
  • Projects to create private industrial installation for production of energy out of waste;
  • Small capacity projects (maximum 1,000 kw) to produce energy from sun or wind;
  • Secondary activity: training of staff.

Increased renewable energy production capacity (small grants scheme) (2,000,000 EUR)

  • Activities similar to those in the calls for renewable energy production provided that the maximum amount of the grant does not exceed 200,000 EUR.

Energy audit / Energy balance (small grants scheme) (300,000 euro)

  • Energy audits for the establishment of the current situation of the applicant through analysis of the energy flows and of the energy efficiency measures the applicant should take. Based on this report, the financing application under the “Improved Energy Efficiency” call shall be issued.

Improved energy efficiency (12,985,175 EUR of which 3,000,000 EUR small grants scheme)

  • Building renovation (roof insulation, replacement of windows, etc.);
  • Use of renewable energies (solar panels, etc.);
  • Buildings decarbonization, intelligent buildings (passive/neutral buildings);
  • Energy performance certificates, etc.

 Increased knowledge on renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy security (small grants scheme) (3,000,000 EUR)

  • Professional training, awareness and improved knowledge in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Enhanced research and development capacity on renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy security (4,100,000 EUR, of which 1,100,000 EUR small grants scheme)

  • Cooperation projects between research institute and production companies for industrial and experimental research projects.

 Increased access to electricity for households in areas where connection to the electricity network is not feasible (10,000,000 EUR)

  • Solutions for electricity connection of 10,000 non-connected households.


The dedicated website of the Programme, managed by the Fund Operator, is