Local development (Local development, poverty reduction and enhanced Roma inclusion)

The programme shall actively contribute to strengthening social and economic cohesion at national and local level in Romania, through measures aiming at:

  • enhanced Roma inclusion and empowerment
  • enhanced use of social services (education, health) by disadvantaged groups
  • inclusive education for children and youth at risk
  • reduction of early-school leaving
  • development of the central and local administration knowledge to implement good governance principles and the recommendations issued by the European Court of Human Rights for Romania.

Total amount of funding available for the programme

82,352,941 EUR (70,000,000 EUR EEA and Norwegian Grants and 12,352,941 EUR contribution of the national budget)

Programme management

The programme is managed by the Romanian Social Development Fund, as Programme Operator, in partnership with the Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS) and the Council of Europe.
Both project selected under the 7 calls organized by the Programme Operators in 2018-2019 and the 4 predefined projects will be implemented.

Calls for projects

Poverty reduction (restricted call) (20,000,000 EUR)

Call for projects for the implementation of the national and local poverty reduction measures ensuring the valorisation/development of the results of the projects implemented under the Programme “Poverty Reduction” (RO25), financed under the Norwegian Grants  2009-2014.

Inclusive education for children and youth at risk (8,581,978 EUR)

Call for projects supporting inclusive education and equal opportunities, enhancing access to educational and social services.

Roma inclusion (16,000,000 EUR)

Call for projects to promote social inclusion, combating discrimination and racism, promoting intercultural exchanges and strengthening the capacity to support development in the communities with a large share of Roma.

Local development (10,090,640 EUR)

Call for projects aiming at financing measures to improve quality and access to social services (educational, health, occupational, etc.) for disadvantaged groups.

Human rights (5,868,529 EUR)

Call for projects addressing public entities at national level, in order to implement the recommendations issued by the ECHR after 2015 as concerns the rights of the disabled persons, the rights of the national minorities, the rights of the inmates and the rights of the children and rights of the women in Romania.

Access to funds (small grants scheme) (1,000,000 EUR)

Call for projects granting funds to local authorities in order to strengthen their capacity to apply for other funds, i.e. for contracting technical assistance services for the elaboration of the technical documentation and for obtaining the required legal permits for investments/measures for local development in poor/isolated/marginalized communities.

Priority interventions (small grants scheme) (1,647,059 EUR)

Call for projects aiming and providing funds for emergency interventions in the Roma communities, to improve social and educational facilities for children and youth, enhanced access to health services, improvement of living conditions, facilitation of identity documents issuance, providing social and legal support for the victims of the evictions, promotion of intercultural exchanges, etc.

Predefined projects

Sustainable social and education integration through sport activities (4,450,000 EUR)

Project implemented by the National University for Physical Education and Sports (UNEFS) Bucharest, in partnership with the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences.
Its objective is the reduction of early school-leaving through involvement of children and youth at risk in sport activities.

INCLUDE – Inclusion of children and youth at risk (3,000,000 EUR)

Project implemented by the Council of Europe in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Institute of Educational Sciences and the Ministry of Youth and Sports
The project will contribute to the reform of the curriculum and to the implementation of the ancillary measures, through the alignment to the standards and approaches of the Council of Europe for an inclusive national educational system.

Improving access and quality of services to citizens (3,277,088 EUR)

Project implemented by the Romanian Association of Communes (ACoR), in partnership with the Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS) and the Romanian Association of Municipalities (AMR).
The objective of the project is to strengthen the local administration capacity, by raising responsibility and transparency, as well as the awareness as concerns incompatibilities and conflict of interest.

Capacity building in the field of public governance (3,020,000 EUR)

Project implemented by the Secretariat-General of the Government, in partnership with OCDE
A detailed assessment of the Romanian central public administration will take place, followed by capacity building measures in a sustainable manner.


The dedicated website of the Programme, managed by the Programme Operator, is available here.