Environment (“Environment, climate change adaptation and ecosystems”)

The programme aims at improving the environmental status in ecosystems and at reducing the adverse effects of pollution and other human activities.

Programme allocation

23,529,412 EUR (20,000,000 EUR EEA Grants and 3,529,412 EUR co-financing from the national budget)

Programme management

The programme is run by the Ministry of Environment, as Programme Operator, in partnership with the Norwegian Environment Agency.

Both projects selected under the 3 calls for projects, under the small grants scheme organized by the Programme Operator, and 1 pre-defined project will the implemented.

Calls for Projects

Improved ecosystems condition through restoration of swamps and bogs (3,550,000 EUR);

Improved management capacity and approach of the risks generated by hazardous substances, through reducing the historic contamination with hazardous substances of wastes sites and landfills (5,000,000 EUR);

Strengthening the capacity of local authority to reduce emissions and to adapt to climate changes through supporting them in developing and implementing plans to adapt to climate change (Small grants scheme for plans development 1,000,000 EUR and Call for plans implementation 7,450,000 EUR);

Predefined project

Project implemented by the National Agency for Cadastre and Real Estate Publicity in partnership with the Norwegian Mapping Authority and Registers Iceland, aiming at improving the geographic information for the decision makers to implement and develop environment policies, by producing a digital model for an area of 50 km², strengthening the professional capacity of 100 experts in institutions in charge with environment and at improving public access to geographic information through the internet.