Social dialogue (Social dialogue, decent work)

The objective of the programme is the strengthened tripartite cooperation between employers’ organizations, trade unions and public authorities and to promote decent work through measures aiming at achieving the following outcomes:

  • improved social dialogue and cooperation
  • enhanced implementation of the decent work agenda (fair working conditions)
  • access to employment facilitated

Total amount of funding available for the programme

2,273,000 EUR (Norwegian Grants)

Programme management

The programme is managed by the Norwegian organization Innovation Norway, as Fund Operator.

The projects selected under the calls for projects organized by the Programme Operator in 2018-2019 will be funded.

Calls for projects

Improved social dialogue and cooperation (881,924 EUR)

The call for projects aims at financing projects strengthening the capacity of social partners to participate both to the tripartite social dialogue and to the bipartite dialogue, through transfer of best practices and training.

Enhanced implementation of the decent work agenda (fair and decent working conditions) (881,924 EUR)

The call for projects at national and priority sector level, with the aim of using bipartite and tripartite dialogue in the implementation of the decent work agenda. The projects will raise awareness on the benefits of decent work, for example work-life balance, gender equality and non-discrimination, attitude towards health and safety, knowledge about rights and obligations and the fight against undeclared work and social dumping (work-related crime).

Facilitated access to employment (440,962 EUR)

Call for projects aiming at implementing active labour market policies, lifelong learning and activities related to the labour market challenges (experience sharing and awareness rising) through improving the cooperation between the social partners and public authorities and supporting activities facilitating the access to employment of the youth, as well as of other disadvantaged groups, such as women, elderly and disabled persons.


The dedicated website of the Programme, managed by the Fund Operator, is